taking a break from things and my oc is stuck in one place in this rp multiverse and no one wants that and he’s neutral so i like the idea of him becoming a bounty hunter @ some point somehow



five frights at neddy’s





Livestream procaster consumes large amounts of cpu for nothing. No joke, nothing. As a result your stream can become laggy and sometimes it can damage your hardware as your PC has to push itself to keep what your streaming functioning as well as possible.

"But if we can’t use procaster what can we use insteaaaaad?"

Simple. There’s two programs, both that are free, that you can use that uses very little CPU and has more options than procaster. These programs are called Xsplit and OBS. To keep your head in one piece, I’m going to go over how to stream on Livestream with Xsplit.

Under the cut of course.

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I will be giving this a shot. When I tried to use OBS it stressed out my video card, but I’ll give Xsplit a try.

Procaster does suck bandwidth, but it’s never made my computer wheeze in distress, lmao.


i was supposed to work on a commission tonight but i was exhausted and started drinmking wooopppsssss aughghahahahaha

anywsay I decided to color this drawing of Raptor~~ the original line drawing is by autobotlolo​! I commissioned her a while ago for it and now im colorin it heheh

Raptors design has changed a lil since then but really it’s all thanks to her that I even managed to work out a finalized design in the first place *applauds*

I’m… drinking and watching jumanji so

WOOP later yall

I hope to getg a lot ore important arts done tomorrow - today i was just very bleghh so i worked on somethin that was already mostly done anywayyyy

(((this was actually last night but i hit my post limit damnit so i just saved it and posted it now)))

YEEEAH she looks gorgeous!! You color so well!

I want Society6 to have free shipping again so I can do another giveaway.

If I order them now I may not receive them by SacAnime…

I think I’ll wait until the other two designs are done and then I’ll order a fat batch of them.

What if—

What if Knock Out and Ratchet phone charms


you could be sad about your otp but consider:

  • one making awful breakfast for the other and the other eating it because they appreciate it that much
  • one putting their ridiculous music on in the car and singing along while the other sits in the passenger seat with their head in their hands
  • the two of them going down to the beach and one getting sunburned really badly so the other slathers them with aloe gel when they get home
  • one getting home from work later than the other and stretching out on top of them like a big lazy cat while they sit on the couch in front of the tv
  • one inexplicably bringing home an animal and refusing to drop it at the shelter so they and the other have to take care of it
  • the both of them going out to a park and getting ice cream to sit with and eat on a bench
  • one sending memes to the other while they’re at work so much they turn their phone off in exasperation
  • one giving the other their jacket and not getting it back from the other until it stops smelling like them




What are you paying for? If it’s for an item that is physically being shipped to you, then by all means continue!
But if it is for digital art, please reconsider!


This means that paypal is expecting me to ship a physical item to you!
And the more times that I receive money for goods, and do not ship through them, the more it counts against me.
Too many and paypal can elect to hold my funds for thirty days every time I receive them, until it reevaluates my account.
Which means while the customer has their deserved art, I do not technically have money yet.

So PLEASE always send payment for digital art via SERVICES and not GOODS!


(you can get a refund if need be just as easily by selecting services as you can goods!)

Please read this!